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Normal Stamping Terms
Feature Size:

This is to be measured only in the cut portion of the hole and the cut portion of the outside diameter.


Shear or Burnished Land:

This is a burnished area which is approximately one third of the material.


This is an area which is tapered about three degrees.
This area has a rougher surface than the cut area.
Roll Over:
This is a natural consequence of the punching process and the mechanical properties of the material being punched and the die application techniques employed.
Inside Diameter (I.D.):
Use plug gauges.
Outside Diameter (O.D.):

Use micrometer at shear or burnished land.



Use micrometer measurement exclusive of burr.



Washer must pass between two parallel surfaces whose distance is equal to the allowable material tolerance plus the allowed flatness tolerance.


Use a dial indicator as it has a minimum amount of pressure, will not crush the burr, and gives the most accurate reading.

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